Establishing A Reputation: Becoming an Industry Source

CVPipeline: Establishing Reputation as ‘Industry Source’

cvPipeline ( a San Francisco based start up for the biomedical business world, runs a web-based database and news service for technologies based on cardio vascular system bio-medical devices. Based on a B2B model, the company wanted to speak with nationally respected media.

Prior to the largest professional conference in the cardio vascular sector ACC (American College of Cardiologists) we contracted with the company to create interviews for cvPipeline with a number of the leading national media outlets. Working with the founders, we created a ‘home run’ list of media who covered the space.

Prior to, during and after the conference we generated interviews with the specific reporters covering the industry at the following media outlets:

ü     New York Times

ü     Investors’ Business Daily

ü     Wall St. Journal

ü     USA Today

ü     Dow Jones

The company was able to present its service to the reporters and establish itself as a ‘source.’